The following terms and conditions and privacy policy that apply to you as a user of Eventss Ave. By completing filling the forms provided for you, you have to agree with the Terms and Conditions written below. Personal Data Protection
  1. We protect your personal information by using this Eventss Ave web app and mobile app. We want to keep your information private and used it just for this app only. This is for the system to know if your information provided matched with the shooters that we will give to you. We are not liable to any leaked information outside the Eventss Ave.
  2. To complete the process of your booking, we will collect information from which you are identifiable but not limited to name, email and account number which you provided to our forms for booking. We ensure that all your provided information will be kept.
Terms of Use
  1. You are intended to use the application for bookings only.
  2. You will not use Eventss Ave to cause inconvenience and fake bookings.
  3. You will not use this app for other purposes that is not connected with your event that you are planning.
Emails/Notifications You will be contacted for any updates and information about your shoot. You will receive multiple emails or messages afterwards regarding your shoot. Booking It is easy and fun to do your shoot for the whole day, but it will depend on you and your shooter not the Eventss Ave. If you are asking about the time on your shoot day or event, or should you come late, you should coordinate with your photographer on what will be your time frame for that day. Copyright All photographs on your event or your shoot are copyright to the photographers and to you, our client. Theft Eventss Ave and the photographer are not responsible for any theft during the photoshoot. Travel, food and other expenses This matter will depend on what you and Eventss Ave photographer agreed with each tother discuss to you with your photographer or your contact person. Accidents/Injuries
  1. You have to waive all claims all the accidents, liability for any loss, damages, expenses, injuries that you may suffer in your participation in photo shoot together with the Eventss Ave photographers
  2. You are in charge from participation photographic activities that includes, hiking, getting on a boat, climbing and any other activities related to the photo shoot.
Payment Terms
  1. For your booking, you can deposit within 24 hrs or else your booking will be declined.
  2. For full payment (*Insert payment terms*)
Changes of policy We will notify you right away if there will be any changes regarding Eventss Ave. For your references, you may check the app from time to time and be updated on our promos. Refund Policy
  1. If you have already booked a session, but unfortunately cannot make it you may refund your payment except the down payment. However, if you cancel your booking on the same day, no refund will be issued.
  2. If the event change its date, you will be charge 50% of your total budget.