What is eventss ave? It's a online platform that allows client to get best photographers or videographers for their events. It also helps freelancer to get booking. How to book a shooter? Click the "Book Now!" fill up and complete details of your events. How to become one of your shooter? You can register and our system will schedule applicant for interview, for fast approval please get ready your portfolio or video reel. What if i cancel my booking? You can cancel your booking anytime , but it will effect your credibility and your future booking. What if event change the date? Our system will charge another 50% of your total budget if the date of your event is change. What if my shooter cancel the booking? Don’t worry if your shooter cancel the booking we will find shooter the best fit for your events. What is the timeline for advance booking? You can book 2-3 days before your events. However you can book 1 day before or the day itself but expect that the rate is high. If I'm not satisfied with my shooter can i get my money back? No, services is being done. Can i select my shooter? No! But we can assure you that your shooter is well trained and experienced that suit for your events. Where can i find the works of my shooter? You can view the shooter portfolio in his/her account. How can i get the photos or the video of my event? You can get the photos or video file on the day of the event. We suggest get ready your file storage. If i pay via bank deposit , what is the timeline? For bank deposit transaction, you can deposit within 24 hrs or else your booking will decline. How can i be assure that my shooter is experienced? Our Portal provide training and certification to all shooter.